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Cinders Methodé Champenoise – 2013

8.9% | 750 ml

Bottle Price: $32.50
Case Price: $351.00

Cinders is our latest, very small, release of Champagne style cider. This beauty is crafted from the same red flesh apple as our well loved cider, Glow. This time we ferment to dryness and leave on the lees in the … Continued


Orleans Style Organic Vinegar

0% | 375ml

Bottle Price: $18

This vinegar is truly a taste of history both from its slow surface fermentation in oak and the traditional cider apples used to create it. It is one of the very few vinegars on the market that are surface fermented … Continued


Herbal Vinegar

0% | 375ml

Bottle Price: $15

This blend with apple cider vinegar is a versatile kitchen natural for salads, dips and marinades. It is made from our apple cider blend and the fresh herbs we grow, including basil and tarragon.


Alegar Vinegar

0% | 5oz

Bottle Price: $8.95

Alegar is the historical name for malt vinegar. For as popular of a product as it is, there is very little made outside the Hines or Kraft brand lines. Our Alegar is made from a combination of apple cider vinegar … Continued


Horseradish Vinegar

0% | 5oz

Bottle Price: $8.95

Horseradish vinegar is a simple combination of apple cider vinegar and fresh-grated, home grown horseradish, and is a perfect bartender’s additive to savory cocktails like the bloody mary.


Elderperry Vinegar

0% | 5oz

Bottle Price: $8.95

Elderperry is made from elderberries and our pear vinegar and is ideal for cooking, a bartending ingredient for shrub-type drinks, and a natural cough reliever.


Spring Tonic Vinegar

0% | 5oz

Bottle Price: $8.95

*NEW* Spring Tonic is a wild ferment vinegar, meaning no commercial yeast is used in the product, and includes wild crafted nettles and dandelion in the recipe.


Incendiary Vinegar

0% | 5oz

Bottle Price: $8.95

*NEW* Incendiary, based on the legendary fire cider vinegar recipes, contains our hand crafted vinegar plus the following health boosting herbs: garlic, ginger, turmeric, horseradish, lemons, onions, honey, rosemary and peppercorns.

Flame Extra brute, Alpenfire Organic Hard Cider, Port Townsend, Washington State,

Organic Flame Extra Brut

7.25% | 750ml

Bottle Price: $22.00
Case Price: $237.60

A true “Methode Champenoise” cider. Made Primarily with Fox-whelp and Muscadet de Dieppe apples. We use Champagne traditions to develop a crackling carbonation with bright acidity and dryness. Ready now!   Just in time for Winter celebrations

Ember Bitter Sweet, Alpenfire Organic Hard Cider, Port Townsend,

Organic Ember Bittersweet

7.25% | 750ml Champange Bottle

Bottle Price: $17.25
Case Price: $186.30

2014 GLINTCAP Bronze Medal winner  “French Style” Cider Division Made from late season estate grown, French and English bittersweet apple varieties. Ember has the complex flavors of these tannic and astringent apples;  Vilberie, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Brown Snout and others! … Continued


Organic Pirate’s Plank “Bone Dry” Cider

6.9% | 500ml

Bottle Price: $12.99
Case Price: $155.88

Walk the plank with this Port Townsend special Cider! An estate blend of bitter sharp & bitter sweet apples. Aged in neutral oak, unfiltered, unpastuerized, and bottle conditioned. This English “West Country” style certified organic cider is made to rob … Continued


Spark! Semi-Sweet

8.9% | 750ml Champagne Bottle

Bottle Price: $16.25
Case Price: $175.75

2014 GLINTCAP Bronze medal winner “common cider” division Spark!  has been a customer favorite for several years.  Made with Alpenfire’s traditional cider apples and Lazy J’s heirloom varieties it is the perfect blend of old world and new world cider.  … Continued

Glow, Rosé hard cider, Aplenfire Organic Hard Cider, Port Townsend,

Glow Rose’ Cider

6.9% | 750 ml

Bottle Price: $23.99
Case Price: $287.88

Glow is a single varietal rosé cider.  The color in this unique cider comes not from the skin but from the bright red flesh of the Hidden Rose™ apple. The Hidden Rose™ apple is certified organic and grown on a … Continued

Alpenfire Organic Hard Cider, Dungeness Still Hard Cider,

Dungeness Orchard Blend

6.8% | 500ml

Bottle Price: $12.99
Case Price: $155.88

2014 GLINTCAP Silver medal winner This delightful cider is unique in two ways.  The first is that it has no carbonation, this style of cider allows you to really focus on the flavor and mouth feel of the cider and … Continued

Alpenfire Orchard, Calypso Blackberry Hard Cider,

Calypso Blackberry Rum Cider

6.8% | 500ml

Bottle Price: $12.99
Case Price: $155.88

Calypso, named for the legendary sea goddess and the research vessel of Captain Jacques Cousteau.  This delightful sparkling taste of the Northwest is aged in Bull Run Distilling Rum barrels to bring a hint of the South Seas to the … Continued

Alpenfire Orchard, Smoke barrel aged hard cider,

Smoke Barrel Aged Cider

16.0% | 500ml

Bottle Price: $16.99
Case Price: $203.88

Smoke, our smoky-oaky after dinner tipple style cider has been triple fermented in whiskey and mead barrels.  It starts with Kingston Black, Dabinett and Vilberie apples for a very tannic base.  Aging in charred oak concentrates all the best features … Continued